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StopWatch Round28 App 


App - simple black-white stopwatch.
1. Button on bottom: start/pause/stop timer
2. Button on top: reset timer
3. Format data:
4. Presentation of the current date and time
5. When you press home key timer will be still run.

If on bottom is text "START" then the timer is stopped.
If on bottom is text "STOP" then the timer is running.



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Tizen Watch Face is added to main window on Samsung Watch. After long press screen you see all installed widget and you can choose one of them.

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Tizen Widget is added opposite of main window on Samsung Watch. 
You can switch to widget when you turn left or right bezel. 


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Tizen Application is running from main menu on your Samsung Watch.  


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Samsung smartwatches run on the Tizen OS, so the selection of apps is a bit different compared to Android watches or Apple watches. However, Samsung watches have access to the Tizen store. Here are apps for Samsung smartwatches developed by Pawel Malyszczuk. Apps-wise, you have the selection for alternative watch faces, fitness apps, utilities apps, stopwatches, games, widgets and much more.