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Widget present Irregular Verbs:
be, beat, become, begin, bend, bet, bid, bite, blow, break, bring, build, burn, buy, catch, choose, come, cost, cut, dig, dive, do, draw, dream, drive, drink, eat, fall, feel, fight, find, fly, forget, forgive, freeze, get, give, go, grow, hang, have, hear, hide, hit, hold, hurt, keep, know, lay, lead, leave, lend, let, lie, lose, make, mean, meet, pay, put, read, ride, ring, rise, run, say, see, sell, send, show, shut, sing, sit, sleep, speak, spend, stand, swim, take, teach, tear, tell, think, throw, understand, wake, wear, win, write

To see the widget running on the home screen, add the widget there:
Press the Back key (in the upper-right corner of the emulator device) to return to the home screen (showing a watch face).
Swipe the home screen right until you see + Add widget. Select it.
Swipe right until you see your widget application. Select it.

More informations about widgets:



English Verbs 4 Widget

28 lutego 2020