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App helps to learn english irregular verbs.

On start you see verb in present. 
After press 'CHECK' you see all forms verb.
Press 'NEXT' to learn next verb.

App present Irregular Verbs:
be, beat, become, begin, bend, bet, bid, bite, blow, break, bring, build, burn, buy, catch, choose, come, cost, cut, dig, dive, do, draw, dream, drive, drink, eat, fall, feel, fight, find, fly, forget, forgive, freeze, get, give, go, grow, hang, have, hear, hide, hit, hold, hurt, keep, know, lay, lead, leave, lend, let, lie, lose, make, mean, meet, pay, put, read, ride, ring, rise, run, say, see, sell, send, show, shut, sing, sit, sleep, speak, spend, stand, swim, take, teach, tear, tell, think, throw, understand, wake, wear, win, write



Learn English Verbs App

23 marca 2020