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Widget helps to learn english irregular verbs.

On start you see verb in present. 
After press 'CHECK' you see all forms verb.
Press 'NEXT' to learn next verb.

Widget present Irregular Verbs:
be, beat, become, begin, bend, bet, bid, bite, blow, break, bring, build, burn, buy, catch, choose, come, cost, cut, dig, dive, do, draw, dream, drive, drink, eat, fall, feel, fight, find, fly, forget, forgive, freeze, get, give, go, grow, hang, have, hear, hide, hit, hold, hurt, keep, know, lay, lead, leave, lend, let, lie, lose, make, mean, meet, pay, put, read, ride, ring, rise, run, say, see, sell, send, show, shut, sing, sit, sleep, speak, spend, stand, swim, take, teach, tear, tell, think, throw, understand, wake, wear, win, write

To see the widget running on the home screen, add the widget there:
Press the Back key (in the upper-right corner of the emulator device) to return to the home screen (showing a watch face).
Swipe the home screen right until you see + Add widget. Select it.
Swipe right until you see your widget application. Select it.

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Learn English Verbs Widget

23 marca 2020