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Widget - simple black stopwatch.


1. Button on bottom: start/pause/stop time
2. Button on top: reset time


Miliseconds color:
a) green -  value 0-200
b) light green - value 201-400
c) yellow - value 401-600
d) orange - value 601-800
e) red - value 801-999

There is an animated bar below the time.

To see the widget running on the home screen, add the widget there:
Press the Back key (in the upper-right corner of the emulator device) to return to the home screen (showing a watch face).
Swipe the home screen right until you see + Add widget. Select it.
Swipe right until you see your widget application. Select it.

More informations about widgets:





StopWatch Round10 Widget

02 lipca 2019